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Hawaii Repossession Laws - Repo Laws



Because the Repossession Laws - Repo Laws may change from time to time, please check the Hawaii Courts website for updated and complete Repossession Laws - Repo Laws in Hawaii.



Repossession Laws - Repo Laws in Hawaii:


Where do I refer to for Title or License Registration?

For state Title and License Information, refer to:


City and County of Honolulu, Department of Finance, Division of Motor Vehicle and Licensing

1455 S. Beretania St.

Honolulu, Hawaii 96814


Telephone: (808) 973-2700



Department of Finance, Treasury Division, County of Hawaii

25 Aupuni Street

Hilo, Hawaii 96720


Telephone: (808) 961-8351



Department of Finance, Treasury Division, County of Maui

Wailuku, Maui 96793


Telephone: (808) 244-7844



Department of Finance, Treasury Division, County of Kauai

Lihue, Kauai 96766


Telephone: (808) 245-6947


No fee for search of records.

Security Interests:

Shown on title held by lienholder.


Recording Requirements:

Per the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) adopted in January, 1967, liens on motor vehicles recorded on Certificate of Ownership.

Recovery Requirements:

As per the UCC, repossession is allowed and permitted as long as it is peaceful.

Redemption Requirements:

If taken without notice to buyer, buyer has 10 days to redeem.

Deficiency Requirements:

Deficiency judgments permitted. Confession of judgment notes are valid only up to $1,000.00.

Special Motor Vehicle Provisions:

All transfers must be filed with the County Treasurer as to repossession, seizures, imposition of a lien.

Documents Required to Transfer Ownership of Motor Vehicle:

If mainland license plates are on vehicle; Certificate of title in lienholder's name only and a Notarized Bill of Sale. If Hawaii license plates on the vehicle and a mainland Title; unsigned Certificate of Title and 2 Notarized Powers of Attorney. Please check with your local agent.


Documents Required for Liquidation:

"Repossessed By" Lienholder, with signature on line one of Hawaiian Title, "Successor Interest" on line seven (Lienholder with signature), Registration in Lienholders name, inspection required.



Remain with the vehicle.


All recovery requirements and fees are current as of 2002. does not warrant the accuracy of these Repossession Laws - Repo Laws or recovery requirements. The Repossession Laws - Repo Laws or recovery requirements listed on are only a starting point for reference, and are not meant to be legal advice or a replacement for legal console. Please consult a repo company in your area, county, or state if you have any questions about repossession there.

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